Necessary legal documents for trips abroad


The passenger is obligated to make sure he has all the necessary legal travel documents

Among which but not exclusively: the passport, visa, power of attorney, health certificate, mandate, the agency having no responsibility towards the passenger if he is refused boarding or entry in the country of destination for that reason. The refusal to board for one of these reasons is exclusively the passenger’s responsibility and he cannot request compensation from the agency.

The agency will inform the passenger of the formalities necessary for the travel he requested according to the information offered by the computerized booking system but it cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this information or be liable for offering the information or not because the information is offered additionally and has no connection with the service of issuing the plane ticket.

The agency is not liable for product damage or inconvenience to passengers during the flight or due to schedule changes, delays of flights etc., circumstances which are beyond the control and willpower of the agency.

Due to the situation created by the massive demands for political asylum or illegal stay in Western countries, the authorities of all countries, even  the case where an entry visa was issued by the countries' embassies in Romania, may refuse to allow crossing the border or passenger boarding the plane without explanation. In such cases, the agency cannot be asked for compensation for damages as the reason for the failure to perform the transportation is due to a third party.